Municipal Affairs Bureau(IAM) offers a wide variety of merchandise in many different categories, ranging from gifts featuring elements of IAM and those themed on different attractions of Macao to books and painting catalogues that it published over the years. It has a wide array of selections to meet the taste and preference of local customers and visiting tourists. Where books are concerned, the IAM has been a publisher dated back to the times of  Leal Senado, Provisional Municipal Council of Macao and Provisional Municipal Council of the Islands. Alongside a great variety of books and publications being produced during these different time periods, many of them are highly valued for their antiquity. Nowadays, all books published by the IAM are available for sale at its Gift Shop, certain bookstores of Macao as well as in designated sales outlets abroad.

To cater to the needs of local customers and tourists and readers from abroad, IAM has launched its Online Store as an online platform for people from around the world to purchase the items they like with ease. Nowadays, the souvenir vending machine installed on the ground floor of the IAM Building. The public and tourists are welcome to proceed to the mentioned locations to make purchases.